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Counselors and Instructors

  • Our staff is composed of college students, para­ professionals to PH—Ds in fields related to child development. The ethnic diversity of our team reflects the children we serve. Some of the staff members were former members of the program who attend college and returned to work full time to help other members achieve their dreams.

  • Staff selection is based on a range of factors including (but not limited to): their areas of expertise, dedication to the well-being of children, their families, and community awareness. 

  • We provide staff members with on-going training in relevant counseling areas.

  • Full-time staff members lead some of our programs with exceptional talents in the arts, computers, tutoring,  writing, or other areas.

  • Instructors/consultants are professionals in their fields of expertise, including professors of Mathematics, English, and Computer Science, as well as professional performers and entertainers with talents in Tap,  Ballet,  African dance, and modern dance. If a child has an interest or we notice a trend or a skill need for our children to compete in today's society.

College Mentors

  • Our College Mentor program consists of former members of Our Childen's Foundation, who currently enrolled in college full-time. The college mentors tutor our children and help conduct activities.

  • The college mentors are role models to current members showing them that college is attainable.

  • Some of our college mentors are the first in their families to attend college.


Junior Counselors

  • Junior counselors are high school students who are members of Our Children's Foundations.

  • They are part-time staff members that assist the counselors, instructors, and college mentor conduct classes
    and some additional daily operations.

  • Junior counselors must maintain good grades.

  • Junior counselors are required to maintain their basic member requirements

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