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Mini Foundation

New members under the age of 8 years old participate in specialized workshops in our Mini Foundation, which helps youngsters understand the philosophy and rules of the Foundation. These workshops focus on developing self-expression, self-worth, and responsibility at an early age. This assessment of the new members allows for the chance to design programs geared to their individual needs. Children are in the Mini Foundation for two years and "graduate" into the Main Foundation Program.

Main Foundation

The Main Foundation provides a full and well-rounded schedule of workshops for members eight years and older (or Mini Foundation members who have completed two years).   They have more responsibilities and requirements to maintain their membership.  We adopted the college major and minor system of selecting courses to prepare for a career or advanced studies. We adapted this system for the Foundation as a way to introduce elementary and high school students to college early on.   Children are also free to sign up for any of the other classes as well.

Developing Organizations

Since we secure our home at 527 West 125th Street, we provide space for organizations to work with Our Children's Foundation to expand further the reach of community, child, and family development.

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