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Inspiring tomorrow's leaders to express themselves sometimes can be a challenge.  In some form, creativity, while exposing them to the expressions of others, is the main objective of the Foundation's cultural programs. Our numerous social activities prepare members for enjoyable social interactions outside the Foundation.  Our outlets of expression are not little playtime sessions.  To encourage each child to recognize' his or her talents, learn respect, appreciate the diverse styles, tastes, and opinions that exist in the world.

The main objective of our Arts program is to create an atmosphere in which children can work comfortably, feeling free to express themselves while exploring new media.  Through art, children recognize individual differences and learn to respect and appreciate the tastes and opinions of others.  Knowing that all children have great creative potential, the Art staff offers projects that encourage members to bring something personal and meaningful to their work,  while having fun at the same time.   Staff members promote an atmosphere that gives the opportunity to dream, imagine,  experiment, discover, and continue the never-ending process of creating.

Again,  realizing that all children are unique and talented, Urn Foundation emphasizes the performing and visual arts.  We have created a performing arts troupe that focuses on various dance disciplines and music.   Members regularly perform for community events and special  Foundation functions.

Our classes include:

  • Graphic Design

  • Drawing (Multiple Mediums)

  • Illustration

  • Fashion Design

  • Painting (Multiple Mediums)

  • Creative Writing

  • Merchandising

  • Social Media Design

  • Music Production

  • Video Production

  • Drama

  • Sculpting

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