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Our Children's Foundation, located in the heart of Harlem, serves children, young adults, and their families of all backgrounds in the greater New York City area. Founded in 1968 by Executive Director Samuel Brown, we are a non-profit, non-sectarian, 501-C3 organization, open year-round.

By using child development as a conduit, we strengthen families and their relationships in their community. We provide a safe-haven and activities to enhance cultural, academic, athletic, and life skills. Activities include evidence-based programs, community outreach, and trips to a variety of recreational, cultural, and educational centers (including college tours). Additionally, Our Children's Foundation's summer school academy program is New York City  Board Of Education accredited.

Since it's inception, we have created innovative ways to keep members engaged by utilizing a holistic, nurturing environment. He executed this by creating partnerships with the staff, members' families, and other third party entities. Having a system that uses points, leaderboards, recognition, and accountability, the Foundation has created a set of rules that the staff must not only enforce but follow. 

Our staff consists of dedicated advocates for youth development. We reinforce peer-to-peer mentoring amongst members, faculty, and alumni. As a direct result of this style of mentoring, many people on our staff started as members. Furthermore, all of the Foundation's specialty instructors are influential in their industries.  

In addition to the services we offer, we encourage our members to give back to the community. Throughout the years, we have run charity drives, hosted events, and partnered with other organizations to volunteer at their community events. Over the years, the families of Our Children's Foundation have participated in many community advocacy events to preserve programs and landmarks in underserved communities.

Providing children and their families with a strong foundation expands their horizons and makes them an asset to their community. We will continue to keep our doors open year-round, giving every child a chance to push the boundaries of their potential.


"These are our children, and without them, there is no tomorrow." 

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